Trampoline Gymnastics

There is one thing I love as much as my American Girl Dolls and that is GYMNASTICS!  I go to a gym to train, but I love playing around on a trampoline.  It is a great way to try out all the things I learned at the gym.

Comment below and tell me if you like gymnastics too or if you enjoy another sport.


12 thoughts on “Trampoline Gymnastics

  1. You are an amazing gymnast, especially at back tucks and punch tucks. I think you should really do a video with more gymnastics. If you can, will you please do the ABC gymnastics challenge? You are amazing, Chloe!!!


  2. Nice video Chloe! Please answer my questions! Can you do a presshandstand??What level are you in gymnastics??


  3. Hi Chloe! I’m Sofia and I just started watching your channel last week. You are amazing at gymnastics and so great with your American Girl Dolls. Right now, I have 4 AG dolls: Saige, Isabelle, Grace, and Lea.


  4. Your really good I’m just learning my front handspring on the ground. I can do it but I just land like I’m sitting in a chair!


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