American Girl Bitty Baby

I hope you enjoy my first Bitty Baby video. American Girl has a whole line of babies that has dolls, clothing and accessories.  I have two Bitty Babies. In this video I bought them new outfits and try them on.

Comment below and tell me if you own a Bitty Baby.  What outfit is your favorite?


16 thoughts on “American Girl Bitty Baby

  1. Will you make more bitty baby hauls in your next videos? I have more bitty baby things than American girl. I hope to get some of both. I want to get things like you do, but my parents won’t let me. Also I am ten years do you get so much money when you do the bake sail or other saving ways? Also I like the bunny one the most.


  2. I like both outfits, but I like the sugar and spice outfit more. What is this bitty baby’s name? What other bitty baby do you have?


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