My Favorite Gymnastics Videos

There is one activity that I love as much as my American Girl Dolls and that is gymnastics.  Here are three of my favorite gymnastic videos. If you want to see all of my Gymnastic videos CLICK HERE.

Comment below and tell me if you love gymnastics too and which video is your favorite.



8 thoughts on “My Favorite Gymnastics Videos

  1. My favorite gymnastics video was the trampoline gymnastic video you recently posted. You are REALLY awesome at gymnastics!! If you could, will you do a video when you do the ABC gymnastics challenge?


  2. Hi Chloe, guess what? The new Lea Clark Movie is coming out on May 31 and I can’t wait to see it. Can u do a video of u getting the new movie and giving a review on it? I am so excited to see it. Are u excited for the movie?


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