American Girl Mega Bloks – Grace’s Pastry Cart

This is the second edition of my Mega Blok videos. Toys R Us just came out with a whole line of American Girl Mega Blok sets. In this video, I unbox and build Grace’s pastry cart. You can see her real pastry cart in the video and see how detailed the Mega Blok version is. I love these new Mega Blok sets and plan to make more videos soon. To see Saige’s Art Studio in Mega Bloks CLICK HERE.

Comment below and tell me if you have a Mega Blok set and which set you like the most.



29 thoughts on “American Girl Mega Bloks – Grace’s Pastry Cart

  1. How long did it take u to do Saige’s set? If it’s a big set do u take breaks in between or do still do it all together? I have lots of Lego Friends and I really want American Girl Legos. Bye please reply.


  2. Hello Chloe, I love all of your videos especially your packing for plamsprings for Grace video and your American Girl doll spa day for your cousin Anika’s doll saige. Can u do a video with your cousin doing fun things in the summer? I think that video will be fun to watch. And my name is Kaylee and I am almost 10 years old like u. My birthday is in June 22 which is kind of close to your birthday since its in the same month. Sorry if this msg is really long I just want to comment here. ?


  3. Hey Chloe I liked the mega blocks pastry cart. I’m not really into Legos or mega blocks but I think they’re cute. I just noticed that your birthday is almost here and you’re going to be ten. I hope you get all the stuff you want and have fun and keep on liking AG dolls.


  4. Happy Almost Birthday! What do u plan getting for your birthday? Make lots of videos of your birthday like how u did last year.


  5. Hi Chloe, what are you doing in your next videos? And also I have a question,I am thinking outsmarting a channel, what should I do with American girl doll things on my channel?


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