Unboxing American Girl Horse

I found a great deal on an American Girl horse at Costco. Check out this video where I unbox it and show it to you. It is so beautiful and fun to play with.

Comment below and tell me if you have any pets for your American Girl dolls.

25 thoughts on “Unboxing American Girl Horse

  1. The horse is really beautiful! I cannot believe it was only $49.99! That is SO cheap compared to American Girl. I’m definitely going to look for the horse at my local Costco.


  2. I have been to Costo before and I saw an american girl mini doll and a chapter book. I will look for this horse too. I do have a toy pet for my doll. I have a Dalmatian puppy that I named Spotty since its white and has black spots on it.


  3. I have 5 dogs, Honey, Grace(Kit’s dog), a chocolate lab named Hersey, Barksee(Kanani’s dog), and Bonbon(Grace’s dog). I also have an Our Generation foal from Target. I named her Caroline.


  4. Hi Chloe, I love your videos and have watched them all, could you maybe do videos on Monday or Tuesday along with Wednesday and Saturday, I love watching your videos and want more too watch they are so good!? What do you recommend getting that is our generation and is $16.00 or less? Also happy early birthday you will be ten! What are you doing for your party, and are you doing it on Wednesday ‘s video? Keep making videos!?


  5. Happy birthday Chloe! Could be you do a short video today? Also I hop you enjoy your birthday and being ten. Are you doing anything special today? Keep making videos!?


  6. I love your videos can you do more videos do you do them everyday I love them. I have 1 dog his name is snowy ?You do the best videos I love you ssssssoooo much
    Did you go Canada yet.


    1. Hello, I wish I could make videos every day, but we are on a family vacation right now. Snowy is a pretty name for your dog.


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