Lea Clark’s Texas Trip

Last week you watched me pack Lea Clark for her trip to Texas, now you get to see her trip. I took her to my family reunion and had so much fun. This is the same resort I went to last year. It has a lazy river and water slides.

Comment below and tell me your favorite part of this video. I have so many more fun things I want to share with you this summer.  Keep coming back for more.

15 thoughts on “Lea Clark’s Texas Trip

  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun!! I really liked it when you made ice cream and brought Lea on the lazy river. This is now one of my favorite videos on your channel.


  2. It looks like you and Lea had lots of fun it Texas! Was that roll-away bed just for Lea? My favorite part was when you made ice cream and swam in the lazy river. What was your favorite part of your vacation?


  3. What fun things are you planning for the summer? Did u do a Father’s Day video? Please make one. I saw your Mother’s Day one where u took grace. That was my favourite video and your new Texas videos. I love marshmallows. Please save some for me lol.


    1. Hello, I am not sure what my parents have planned for the Summer. I didn’t make a Father’s Day video this year as my dad is the one that films my videos. I just posted a new video this movie about Lea’s movie.


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