Lea Clark to the Rescue Movie Premiere

I got to go to the premiere of Lea Clark’s new movie Lea Clark to the Rescue. It was a super fun day. First, I went to the American Girl Place. I met a bunch of my fans while I was there. I even got to meet one of the stars of the movie. Check out my day and my review of the movie. Comment below and tell me if you have seen the movie and what you thought of it.


25 thoughts on “Lea Clark to the Rescue Movie Premiere

      1. Hi chole I love your videos so much please reply and you are my inspiration I love you vids so much I hope we could meet one day because I live in Maryland and you live in. California I love you so much and bye!?✋??


      2. Hello, thank you so much for writing to me. I hope you enjoy my videos, and I hope you have a great day.


      3. hi Chloe you are the best youtoober of the best youtoober


  1. Hi chole I love you so much I wish I could meet you but I live in Maryland and you are amazing in your videos you are one of my inspiration bye love you and by faith?✋?!


  2. hello chloe i am one of yourbest fans i love your video i am going to watch soon do you want to be friends. i am 10 years


  3. The mini popcorn that you received was so cute! I saw the movie on demand and loved it! It is probably now my favorite American Girl movie. ?


  4. Hello Chloe I have lots of friends too. Are u popular in school? Can we be friends too? I watch your videos all the time and I am 11 years old.


      1. So would I, I love your videos I am 8 years old the mini popcorn you received is so cute


  5. Hi Chloe I love your videos and want to be friends I live in Savannah GA and hope we can meet u show get kik and if so mine is ***** and my email is **** we can talk on email hope u answer real fast and I LOVE THE MOVIE


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