Unboxing American Girl Vanity

Check out this great new vanity set I got for my American Girl dolls.  I love how it lights up. Watch as I unbox and review this cool new set. I hope you are having an amazing summer.  Comment below and tell me what your summer plans are. 

23 thoughts on “Unboxing American Girl Vanity

      1. Same. I however am not getting lea because i want to see the goty 2017 and i dont hav enough money. šŸ˜¦ I have Isabelle, Caroline, and Kit though.
        (Also thanks for replying!)


  1. I like Julie’s hair. Did u do it yourself? You should start doing videos of you doing hairstyles on your dolls.


  2. Hi Chloe, what is your favourite american girl doll movie? I really like Mckeena shoots for stars but I haven’t seen Lea Clark movie yet. I hope to see it soon.


  3. My summer plans are going to san fracisco so visit my aunt but we already did that so now were going to florida but since all the bad things are going in florida we cant go.


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