American Girl Beach Day

I love taking my dolls on fun field trips. I took Kylie (my look-a-like doll) to the beach. We had a great time.  We even found a bunch of giant sea slugs.  They were really slimy and fun to hold. Come with us to the beach and have a great time! Comment below and tell me your favorite summer activity.



23 thoughts on “American Girl Beach Day

  1. This was a very fun video and I wish i’d been at the beach too. The sea slugs were cool too. I’m glad you had fun.


  2. Hi Chloe, are u going to decorate your dollhouse for July 4 like last year? You should do a back to school haul later where u go back to school shopping for yourself or your doll.


    1. I’m going to be on vacation and not sure if I will be able to decorate this year. I can do a back to school haul in a few months when I go back to school.


  3. Your so lucky that you get to bring your dolls to the beach! I really like when you held the sea slug. This weekend, I’m going to a beach in Malibu.


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