American Girl School Desk

American Girl just released this great new school desk for your American Girl. It flips up and has tons of room for storage.  It comes with a few cool accessories too. This is the perfect addition to my collection.  I now have two school desks and a locker. Comment below and tell me if you like it.


6 thoughts on “American Girl School Desk

  1. That set is really cute and so are the accessories that come with it! The price is also very reasonable. What is your favorite part about it? Mine is the built-in clipboard.


  2. I love you Chloe when I watched one of your videos I fell in love ???????? bc I love AG I LOVE your channel your so good at making videos and you inspired me to make a AG room and all the stuff you have I want for my birthday ???????????????????????????????? AMAZING GIRL P.S your so good at gymnastics ??????


  3. I love you Chloe I watched one video and I fell in love and I started watching you when i was 6. You inspired me to make a room for the AG and I want all the stuff you have for my birthday. I love AG . ?????????????????????????????. I watched all of your videos I love them I can’t pick a favorite. I LOVE your channel so much ???????????????????????????????????THX for everything that you did in my life sense I was six


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