American Girl Fan Mail Day

I get lots of great mail and packages from my fans. About once  month I make a video and highlight as much of the mail as I can. Thanks for being the best fans in the world. 

You can write to me to at:

Chloe’s American Girl
PO Box 251307
Los Angeles, CA 90025

13 thoughts on “American Girl Fan Mail Day

  1. Hi Chloe!
    Just wanted to say, you rock.
    I’m you’re biggest fan EVER.
    Oh and my cousin Autumn, her little brother has a HUGE crush on you.
    Oh and before I go, I just wanted to tell you that, my name is Bristle and I’m taking TWO dolls with me tomorrow
    On my vacation to Florida. Mary Ellen and Lea.


  2. Hi Chloe I was wondering if you can me at the American girl doll store in Florida this summer and watch the new descendants movies together if you can make it that will be wonderful to have a hard time I just watched your videos because it just makes me feel a lot better so thanks for making those videos Bye . To Chloe
    Love Miya


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