18 inch Maplelea Doll Review

Many of my fans are from Canada and have told me about the great Maplelea dolls that they have.  They are like the American Girl doll of Canada.  Maplelea was kind wnough to send me a couple dolls and accessories to show you.

To learn more about the Maplelea Girls Click here. Comment below and tell me your thoughts.




13 thoughts on “18 inch Maplelea Doll Review

  1. Cool Chloe that the people sent you the dolls and accessories to review. They’re pretty cute. I really like the accessories and do the clothes fit the AG dolls? I hope so because if they do I’ll buy some of the clothes.


  2. I love this video very much because of how the dolls look with and those cool clothes! Do you think you could actually put them in the water???? By the I’m Lulie! musical.ly: @lulie_rianne YouTube: Lulie Rianne


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