American Girl Summer Haul

Summer time means summer fun and new American Girl items. Watch as I do a new summer haul and show you some of the new great items I got for my American Girl Dolls.Comment below and tell me what your favorite items are.

16 thoughts on “American Girl Summer Haul

  1. What’s your favorite thing you purchased? I really like Lea’s celebration outfit and the hot lunch set. Are you going anywhere (else) for summer vacation, or did you just go to Texas for vacation?


      1. That is really cool.
        I think that u are super lucky and that your dad films some awesome videos !


      2. Um, hi chloe I was wondering if you could tell me how to get money from YouTube videos every month. Because that was one of your ways to save money, but I am not quite sure how to do it.


      3. You have to post videos, and each video needs to get over 10,000 views, and then you will get money from them.


      4. Thanks chloe, now I know how to get some money! By the way, I am 10 also!
        Ps loooooovvvveeee your videos and loooooovvvveeee you!☺


  2. Hi I think that u are super lucky and that your dad films some AWESOME VIDEOS!!!Good luck on all of your videos . I totally adore u. Ps awesome job on your gymnastics !


  3. Hi Chloe, Megan
    I’m soooo happy for you it’s so cool that you have 100,000 subscribers! I have two questions
    1. How do you start a YouTube account? you all of your comments in 1 day?

    Love Megan

    P.S I sent a letter to you.


    1. You should get an adult to help you set up your YouTube account. I try to respond to comments everyday, but sometimes I get busy and have to do it later.


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