Making a BOY American Girl Doll

I am so excited to share with you my new BOY American Girl Doll.  I did not want to take the wig off of one of my dolls so I bought a new bald doll from the doll hospital at American Girl.  I found a cute boy wig at Monique’s Wigs.  Then I got great boy doll clothing at 4 Peas Creations on Etsy.  I need a great name for my new doll. Please comment below with your suggestion.


13 thoughts on “Making a BOY American Girl Doll

  1. Your new boy doll is so cute… Especially with that outfit!! Did you glue the wig on? Here are some names: Nathaniel, Zechariah, Ethan, Jonathan, Spencer, and Ian.


  2. Hello Chloe! I’m Mackenzie and I’m a really big fan of yours! I’m 11 and in 6th grade. I have 4 American Girl dolls. I have watched all your AG videos and you are such a lucky girl. Keep posting amazing videos so I can keep smiling. Thanks Chloe,


  3. Hi Chloe I am one of your biggest fans, watched all your videos and love them all. your even cooler than Taylor swift. I have 5american girls and hope to have as many dolls as you have one day. I just finished watching your new video called make a BOY American doll and i think his name should be Craig!!


  4. Hi Chloe I am your biggest fan ever I have 5 American girls and my mom has 1. I suggest his name should be … Brett!! I like to watch your videos every single week. I had fun emailing you. I am 6years old. Thank you Chloe!!


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