American Girl Surprise Trip

I recently packed my American Girl Doll for a trip to Nashville.  Our plane was diverted and we didn’t end up there. Check out this video to see where we ended up. It wasn’t our plan, but we sure had a great time.Come back on Saturday to see Nashville when we finally made it. Comment below if you enjoyed this video


6 thoughts on “American Girl Surprise Trip

  1. Chloe I love ur channel it my favorite.You have so much American girl dolls,I only have one and it’s the girl of the year for this year and it Lea Clark. You r so lucky how do u get all those American girl dolls.And can You plz Do a video of you doing a tour of your American girl doll house plz, I will be so happy if u do .Love you bye


    1. Hello. I save up my money to buy the dolls. I also use the money that I get from my YouTube channel. On my channel I have a doll house tour video.


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