American Girl Stop Motion Promo

I am so excited.  This Saturday I will post my first ever stop motion video. I did it as a collaboration with mixiepixie7 who is a very talented YouTuber. I hope you check out her channel by CLICKING HERE. 

She makes amazing stop motion videos.  On Saturday, you can watch part one of the movie on my channel and part two on hers. Here is a promo for the movie coming soon!


4 thoughts on “American Girl Stop Motion Promo

  1. Oh my goodness! I’m extremely excited!! I will definitely check back tomorrow!! I’m really excited for this stopmotion, and definitely think that you should make more on your channel.


  2. I just saw part two of the stop motion, and I LOVED IT!!!!!! You did such a great job, and should take pride in your work. Once again, I LOVED IT SO MUCH!! ???????


  3. Hey Chloe,

    I wasn’t positive you did collaborations.
    I emailed you. I live in LA. We should contact some time. I have a youtube with my little sister Emma. We have 10 dolls combined and I might get Melody within the next 2 weeks. Please follow our Instagram @agcupcakesisters and our agcupcakesisters youtube link is in our bio.


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