Opening Fan Mail

I love getting mail from all my fans.  I try to open it once a month.  Here is my 16th edition of Viewer Mail.  Thanks for sending me letters and packages!

14 thoughts on “Opening Fan Mail

    1. Hi chloe . i love all your videos on packing for your american girl dolls. i have 1 american girl doll and she is gabriela. p.s: my name is chloe as well.


  1. Hi chloe my name is Isabella. My sister sophie LOVES American girl. She even wishes her youtube channel was called “Sophie’s American girl doll channel” (LOL) I am 10 years old and I was wondering if you can give me some tips on helping her youtube channel. I have my own channel called ”Bella and Paige challenges and more” Please help me out chloe because I don’t know what to do about her channel and I don’t even have my camera yet I’m getting it for my birthday August 3 . Thanks Chloe you are really nice. You can email me at


    1. Hi, I use my dad’s iPhone to make my videos. I have a video on my YouTube channel with tips on making YouTube videos.


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