13 thoughts on “Missing American Girl Doll

  1. Dear Chloe Were was she last at what time what year who were you with if you know Email me or reply to my comment Please for your doll
    .,Sighed: Unknown user


  2. Dear Chloe I hope you find Nicole soon but first of all double check your house. try to remeaber where she was last and after that look there if she’s not there. check the next place you remember
    Ok but she might not be there if you can’t find her email I’ll look though all your videos to help its all I can do now to help.


  3. Well no the thing that Chloe has to do to find her American girl nicole is that she must look around her room she did not check under her bed probably it’s there but it should be in her house I feel bad for you Chloe hope you find her or just go back and see your vids and you hopefully will find her I feel bad for you Chloe


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