Missing American Girl Doll Replaced

I never did find my missing American Girl Doll and finally decided to replace her.  I hop you like my new doll as much as I do.

8 thoughts on “Missing American Girl Doll Replaced

  1. Hi Chloe I love ur Chanel and I hope u find your doll soon. The new one is buetifull though. Ps I have got a tone of leftover money from when I went to Singapore so I have got enough money to buy a one of a kind doll but she is back ordered till December. Her me is Charlie and she has brace glasses. Hearing aid ears parsed and she loves to travel. She is not like me but she will be best friends with my truly me doll Kayla who is like me.???


  2. Hi Chloe your new baby dolls should be named Mary and Michal, or you can name them kaitlyn and tommy.

    I love your videos, also, when ar you doing the dollhouse decorating, and decorate the dollhouse instead of the room this year?


  3. Hi Chloe, I think the new Nicole looks like the original Nicole, maybe you should try looking at your cousins house or your friends house, maybe you left her there ? My dolls name is Isabelle and she is watching TV in her room, she has short brown hair and brown eyes, she is a truly me doll, she also loves your videos????????


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