Win An American Girl Doll

I am giving away the brand new American Girl of The Year Luciana!
To win simply subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking  subscribe and leave a comment.

On March 24th, at 10am pst I will randomly select one winner.

44 thoughts on “Win An American Girl Doll

      1. I’m sorry, I have to be fair to everyone. You need to subscribe to my YouTube channel for a chance to win.


    1. Hi, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and leave a comment under the giveaway video for a chance to win.


  1. I LOVE your channel so much me and my little sister watch it every week I am so excited about this giveaway thank you for doing it. Hope I win!!!


  2. Hi Chloe this is Kacie Eugea and I was going to ask are you actually born on my Birthday June 7 2006? I also am in 6 th grade. Please Respond. I promise that I am born in June. I love you soooooo much????????


      1. Hi . My name is Dina I wish we can be friend if we can pls reply u are my favorite youtuber . I only watch your video’s u are the best Chloe . My doll is called chloe

        #american girl dolls for life

        # Chloe for life


      2. So friend can you make a new video about stop motion of luciana vega and then at the end of the video u show people your website so more people know about it


    1. HI, I announced the winner yesterday. The winner’s name is at the top of the comment section under the giveaway video.


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