American Girl Doll Pool Party

You are invited to my American Girl pool party.

16 thoughts on “American Girl Doll Pool Party

    1. Hi, I have a video on my YouTube that shows how to make good videos, and another video shows different ways to save up money to by AG things.


  1. Hi my name is Julie and I love your videos I’m probably your biggest fans my parents won’t let me send mail to you I’m sad about that but maybe I could convince them too. Anyways your my favorite YouTuber in the whole wide world and god bless you!


  2. Chloe if I were at a pool party ???? I would get shave ice and go cianking sorry if I spell that wrong.


  3. hi i`m arianna and you are so nice and kind i am going to get a boy doll for my brother. Probley Logan because I have Tenney.

    bye chloe
    sincerely arianna


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