New Custom American Girl Doll

I love the custom American Girl Dolls that @dolliebmine makes. See the new doll she gave me and make sure to check out all of her dolls at by CLICKING HERE. You can win her twin custom doll by subscribing to my YouTube channel and leaving a comment. Directions are on the video and in the videos description.


16 thoughts on “New Custom American Girl Doll

  1. Chloe I love your channel on you tube and Instagram! You are the greatest! I couldn’t respond to your doll giveaway on you tube so I’m responding here hope that’s ok? And please keep your videos coming! Thanks Lakin
    ag_to_the-og 💗💗💗


  2. chloe i love your channel i have been watching your channel sence i was 4 years old and you always make me happy when i am sad and you calm me down when i am made so i wanted to say thank you for making your youtube channel i
    would have been mad all the time if it wasn’t for your youtube channel keep making vids your you!!!!!! respond when you can.


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