6 thoughts on “Christmas Pajama Collection From American Girl

  1. Hey Chloe! I love your videos! I am a subscriber from the UAE. I would just like to ask how did you get on the American girl website? Because it’s currently under maintenance. Here is the link: https://www.americangirlmena.com/MerchantStatus.aspx?Flag=1I am really confused because you went on their website this year. And i tried going on the website this year but it’s under maintenance. This is the video that you went on the website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkOLf15z7dA&t=27s and the timing through the video is: 0:27. Thank you and can you please reply me with the link you went on the American girl website. Thank you!!


  2. You are the best youtuber ever!I am 9 and I watch u all the time!!!And my name is Harlow I can’t like and subscribe and comment because my mom won’t let me :(.I am in 3rd grade!I am just saying u are the best!!❤️


  3. I’m 8, almost 9 and I watch your videos all the time, look at you on Instagram, and read\look at your website here! I love American Girl too, and Chloe, you’re just awesome! I subscribed to your Youtube channel, and I just want to let you know that everything you post is awesome! {I’m Lena, I’m in 3rd grade, and have you ever had an Our Generation doll?}


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