16 thoughts on “Selling my Entire American Girl Doll Collection

  1. i want the asrnot doll for my sis bc she want it but she never got it and it will be more speshl to her bc she love you channl she has ben wachn you for 6 yers


  2. I get the fresh start idea, but if I were you I’d pick about 3 favorite items to keep.

    For example, *really a lot* of people keep their very first AG doll, and 30 years later it’s a very cool thing to have. Or, if someone’s made several attempts at a lookalike, a lot of people would instead keep the one doll that ended up looking most like them–especially if their appearance changed as they aged. You created your Chloe right when you were starting that hair-darkening that a lot of kids get–so she’s like a time capsule of younger you. Again, in adulthood that’s a great thing to have to look back on.

    I guess my point is, don’t just think about what current you wants. Think about future you too–future you will be glad!


  3. So sad! I’m a huge fan! I will definitely be checking out your store! Interested in Blaire`s restaurant, trying to get her whole collection! I started my channel almost a year ago and I have been working hard to save up so I can have more dolls. I just made a video about saving up for a doll (SAVING FOR AN AG DOLL, Life with Kaysey). Good luck, Chloe!


  4. Dear chloe i am a big fan can I please have leas fruit stand and lea’s ranforisthome I haVe lea but can I have her bench dress


  5. Hi Chloe,
    I have been watching for over 3yrs and I love your channel I am a big fan I hop you keep recording if u respond I will be ecstatic


  6. Hey chloe, Iv been watching your channel for three years, and I was hoping there was still some stuff left. i cant seem t find you on ebay. Could you maybe send me a link?


  7. Dear chloe I am your biggest fan can I please have leas rainforest home I have lea and the and Cayack the animals And the outfits and I love in the uk can you please send me the rainforest home can you please come to the uk to deliver the rancorous home I need it ps I love the rainforest home.


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