About Chloe

Hi, I am Chloe. I am 13 years old and love to collect American Girl Dolls. A few years ago I started a YouTube Channel and love to post videos about my dolls. This blog is a place to see the videos and learn more about my dolls and me. I hope you enjoy it!

1,193 thoughts on “About Chloe

  1. Hi Chloe! My name is Fern and I’ve been watching your channel for about 4-5 years now! I am 10 years old, and I have two American Girl Dolls. I have McKenna Brooks and a Truly Me named Summer! I love your videos! Keep up the good work & stay safe!


  2. hi! you are my fav! i am waching your new vid right now! also i am 11 and i love amercan girl dolls i have a few questions if you want to answer
    1. what is your faveret food?
    2.do you like the show stranger things?
    3.who is your fav doll?
    thats all! i hope you are heving a good quarenteen


  3. Hi Chloe, I really love you and your videos and I am really excited that you post videos on Saturday because my birthday is the 26th of this month which is on a Saturday and I look forward to starting my birthday off with watching a new video!


  4. hola Chloe. yo siempre veo tus videos y tu canal. y me gustan mucho tus muñecas.Y seguiré viendo tus videos porque gracias a ellos puedo jugar y divertirme..
    Ademas juego con mis muñecas pensando que son American girl Armo casas de american con distintas cosas.
    me gustan mucho tus videos y soy una fans tuya.

    con mucho cariño, Ignacia Fuenzalida de Santiago de Chile, 5 años.


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