Chloe’s Doll Merchandise

Chloe doll merchandise is now available by CLICKING HERE.



228 thoughts on “Chloe’s Doll Merchandise

  1. Hi I am A big fan Chloe, you are the one that got me into american girl dolls. I love you! And your videos are amazing. And by the way my name is Alyssa!


  2. Can I please get this merchandise love from your fan Maisie ps it is my birthday in July please can you send me Sum doll clothes and sum shoes please and sum pets please love from Maisie xxxxxxx


  3. Hi chloe I’m connie and I’m going to start a YouTube channel and it is about American dolls and you inspired me. I was wondering if you had anything to give away to me.


  4. Hi Chloe I just wanted to say thank you for getting me into AG dolls! You have an amazing channel and I watch every video! Even though I live in Australia I still managed to order Luciana. Thanks!
    From Jessica


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