Contact Chloe

You can reach me at:

Chloe’s American Girl
PO Box 251307
Los Angeles, CA 90025

I look forward to receiving your mail. I plan to read some of it in my videos.

Business inquires only can contact Chloe via e-mail:



1,479 thoughts on “Contact Chloe

  1. Hi Chloe I am one of your hugest fan ever and i watch your shows all the time and i have 108 american girl dolls and when are you going to visit me in vermont? I have been to American Girl Natick 16 times and i have also been to AG New York once also AG Place Orlando and Miami too I am going to send you another present And I do have a gmail also I am very Artsy and Loves to sing country and pop music I love you like a sister that I ever had:) I have a question for you what kind of video camera do you use because I am starting a AGtube called MandyandFelix’sAmericanGirlDollChannel and Love your decorations for the holidays:) Have Fun in Thailand 🙂


  2. Have u ever been to Disney land? If so how many times? I’ve been there 3 times and I’m planning to go more than that. Also I am almost 11 years old.


  3. Hi Chloe. My name is Chloe, too! I am almost 12 years old. I love watching your videos! I love your stopmotions, unboxing videos, room tours, and also the tours of American Girl. By the way, I will try to write to you as soon as I can!
    Love, Chloe!


    1. Hi, I have a lot of videos showing where I got things. I get a lot at the American Girl store, Target, Etsy and a lot of other places.


  4. hey choles it me kensley again when is the next time you will be going to the american girl doll store and which american girl doll store i cant wait to meet you in person


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