American Girl Doll Pool Party

You are invited to my American Girl pool party.

Gross Candy Challenge

I love candy and I love doing Gross Candy challenges. Join me and my friends Bo and Reese as we try some of the grossest candy ever made. I even ate a cricket.

My Entire American Girl Doll Collection

Here is my entire American Girl Collection.  I now have 19 American Girl dolls, 4 Wellie Wishers and a Bitty Baby.  Which one is your favorite?  Please join me on type in chloes.american.girl and make sure to type the dots.

Lea Clark to the Rescue Movie Premiere

I got to go to the premiere of Lea Clark’s new movie Lea Clark to the Rescue. It was a super fun day. First, I went to the American Girl Place. I met a bunch of my fans while I was there. I even got to meet one of the stars of the movie. Continue reading “Lea Clark to the Rescue Movie Premiere”