New American Girl Doll Reveal

Nanea’s Family Market – 1st Look

You get to be the first people to see American Girl Nanea’s Family Market. Her whole set is available tomorrow at American Girl. I love this Market and will have lots of fun playing with her and the collection.

Buying American Girl of the Year Entire Collection

Come with me to the American Girl Place as I shop for Gabriela’s entire collection, meet some of my fans and tour the store.  Please join me on my new channel @chloes.american.girl  make sure to use the dots.

American Girl Doll Ice Cream Cart

I just love this new American Girl Doll ice cream cart. It comes with many realistic items like ice cream, sprinkles, spoons, a scooper, and chocolate sauce. It is time to throw an ice cream party for my girls. Continue reading “American Girl Doll Ice Cream Cart”