American Girl vs. Our Generation

Check out this side by side comparison of an American Girl doll and an Our Generation doll. Which dolls do you have? Do you have a favorite?

Gross Candy Challenge

I love candy and I love doing Gross Candy challenges. Join me and my friends Bo and Reese as we try some of the grossest candy ever made. I even ate a cricket.

Lea Clark’s Science Set

I got a new science set for Lea Clark to conduct experiments with. It was a Christmas gift from Our Generation.  The set is called Under the Microscope.  It comes with a many items including a microscope with a working light, test tubes, a beaker and safety goggles that fit your doll perfectly. Continue reading “Lea Clark’s Science Set”

My Favorite American Girl Doll Videos

Here are clips and links to a bunch of my favorite American Girl Doll videos from my channel. To see the videos click the “i” in the top right corner of the video or click the links below: Continue reading “My Favorite American Girl Doll Videos”

My Entire American Girl Doll Collection In Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. My dad helped me reach out to a bunch of great Etsy store owners to get Halloween costumes for all of my dolls. Continue reading “My Entire American Girl Doll Collection In Halloween Costumes”

Pajamas For Your American Girl Doll

I got these great pajamas for my American Girl McKenna.  They are from the Our Generation collection at Target.  Our Generation is a great way to buy accessories and clothing for your doll that don’t cost too much.

The whole set was under $15. Take a look at the set here:

Check out the video: