Packing Your American Girl Doll

My AG Doll is going to a sleepover and needs to pack. Do you like sleepovers?


Packing American Girl Doll For Ski Trip

I am taking Kylie skiing.  I have never been before and am really excited and a little bit nervous.  I bought her some new ski clothing and skis.  I found all of her warm outfits and packed those too.  I hope you are all having a great holiday. Comment below and tell me if you are. Merry Christmas!

Packing My New American Girl Doll For My Spring Break Trip

Happy Easter. I love taking my dolls on trips with me.  It is Spring Break and I am taking my brand new doll to San Diego. Check out how I packed her clothing and accessories for the trip.  To see all of my packing videos CLICK HERE.