A Diner For My American Girls

I really wanted a Diner for my American Girls. I found this great one at Target for the Our Generation dolls.  It is the perfect size for my dolls too and I love it.   Continue reading “A Diner For My American Girls”

Pajamas For Your American Girl Doll

I got these great pajamas for my American Girl McKenna.  They are from the Our Generation collection at Target.  Our Generation is a great way to buy accessories and clothing for your doll that don’t cost too much.

The whole set was under $15. Take a look at the set here:


Check out the video:


American Girl vs. Our Generation Camping Set

In today’s video, I opened and set up a camping set from Our Generation.   Our Generation is sold at Target. American Girl Dolls and Our Generation are the same size, so all the Our Generation accessories and clothing will fit your American Girl Doll.  I love Our Generation clothing and accessories because they are much cheaper.



The tent on the top is from our Generation.  It is is in my video. It comes with a sleeping bag, working lantern, cup, pitcher, and some food. It costs only $16.99 at Target.  The tent on the bottom is from the American Girl store.  It comes with a working lantern and costs $85.00.  You can see that is a huge price difference.  I am a big fan of American Girl items but Our Generation also makes great items and you can save lots of money.

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